Once Upon A Thoughtcrime

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good."
- Thomas Paine

Samantha. Female.
23 years old. INTJ. Progressive/liberal, Democratic socialist. Phlegmatic.
What I stand for: marriage equality, civil rights, radical feminism, reproductive freedom, gender disestablishment, socialism, redistribution of wealth, sustainable energy and agriculture, corporate accountability and regulation, body positivism and fat acceptance and universal healthcare. Destroy Monsanto at all costs.
What I'm into: health food, cooking, Nagauta, tsugaru shamisen, theorical physics, planes, Sailor Moon, glass blowing, my cat, makeup artistry, organic gardening, circuit training, pinterest, gaia, writing, interior design, school.

Jun 6

From the comments on this article.


From the comments on this article.

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